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  • Fill in our Contact Us form and we will arrange a time to chat about your event and what you need
  • We will send you a proposal crafted just for your event
  • You let us know if you want any changes
  • When you are happy, we will need a deposit to secure the date for you


And that is it! We’ll be in touch with you closer to the event to confirm any finer details.

This is your occasion, and we understand that songs can have special meanings.

We can generally cover any song you like with enough notice.

When you book with us, you are booking with the Musicians so don’t hesitate to chat with us about what you need – but make sure you mention that you want a particular song or style when you book.

We are flexible! Our sets have a minimum of 3-hours.

Do you have something special in mind? Have a chat with us, and let’s see what we can do.

Please note that if it is a longer set, we may need a couple of short breaks to recharge our energy for your guests.

We will work with you to time any breaks to correspond with your run sheet.  

Of course! We’ll work with you to put together a run sheet for your evening.

We will work around your event to create the best experience for your guests.

It depends on your band and venue. At Amica Jazz Duo, we take care of the finer details so that you don’t have to. Our packages include:

  • Musicians
  • Instruments
  • Power cords, board, etc. as needed
  • Speaker
  • Lights

Standard lighting and speaker is included in our price. For a larger event, we can upgrade the equipment based on the size of the venue.

We can add a Grand Piano, Double Bass, depending on your event style.

We also have many friends in the entertainment industry and can assist with booking photobooths, DJ’s, additional musicians.

Talk to us about what you need, and we will help you create an experience to be remembered.

Absolutely! We are party experts, and if you are organising your first event, it can be a little daunting and easy to miss the finer details.

Make sure you consider:

–      Neighbourhood Volume Restrictions

  • If your event is in a private location, you may be subject to noise restrictions. We can help you navigate any noise restrictions.
  • The last thing you want is your perfectly planned event closed down!


–      Songlist Diversity

  • Not everyone has the same taste in music. Have you ever played your new favourite jam to someone, and they just weren’t impressed?
  • We get that everyone has a different taste in music. As experienced live performers, we can guide you into creating a song list that will complement your event AND impress your guests.
  • PLUS, we can read a room and adapt on the fly to make sure your occasion has a humming atmosphere all night.


–      Space for performers

  • We are pretty adaptable, but we do need enough space to set up our equipment.
  • Depending on what you need for your event, we can discuss what area is required and any other considerations like access to power. 


–      Time for set-up and pack-down

  • Just like your catering, we will need to arrive before your event to set up and do our equipment check to make sure everything works before your guests start arriving. 
  • If you are hiring a venue, you will need to ensure we can access the room before your function commences.
  • We’ll work with you to create a run sheet for your event, including event set-up and pack-down times. We can even chat to the venue for you! 


–      Equipment required

  • We will bring with us everything we need.
  • When we discuss your event requirements, we will recommend the right sound and lighting for your event.
  • We may require access to a Power Point or two. 

We are Jazz Musicians, but that is a pretty broad category

  • We cover New Orleans Style Jazz, Crooners, Divas, Bebop, Cool Jazz, Funk, Blues, Swing
  • We also cover contemporary music, adding our own flair to each rendition


If you have songs or style in mind, have a chat with us and check out our music samples.

Jazz music covers a lot of music types. Emerging from New Orleans, Jazz music now has several branches. It can be played with different types of instruments and by various sized bands.

  • Jazz Music is perfect for live events as it is about the musicians working together, adapting and improvising. This means that we read the room and adapt how we play to what is resonating with your guests.

Our repertoire is pretty broad, and we cover Pop and contemporary chart hits, as well as various types of Jazz, Blues and Funk.

Have a chat with us about what you have in mind for your occasion, and we will see what we can do.

Depending on what you need for your event, we can discuss what space is required and any other considerations like access to power.

Generally speaking, we will need space to set up two musicians and our equipment so about 3 meters of space (half the size of a standard bedroom).



Talk to us about your event


We’ll create the perfect package for your event


Sit back and enjoy the music

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